Reactivation of two-factor authentification

Following some previous development of our technical architecture, the two-factor authentication system needed to be deactivated for a small number of our users (under 5%).

We wish to inform you that it will be reactivated for all of our users on 13th February 2023.


What is two-factor authentification?

Two-factor authentication (also called “two-step verification”) protects your account by requiring two different methods to access it.

  • Your username & password
  • An additional code (sent by email or SMS).

Two-factor authentication is a security measure that significantly strengthens the security of your AssessFirst account.

Even if a third party were to obtain your AssessFirst username and password, they would not be able to access your account because they would not have access to the additional code sent by email or SMS.


What's the impact after 13 February?

When you log into your AssessFirst account, you will be asked - in addition to your AssessFirst email address and password - to enter a security code.

Easy to use.

You can choose to receive this code by SMS (to the mobile phone number you entered when creating your account) or by email (to the same email address as the one you use to log in to AssessFirst).

Enhanced security.

Two-factor authentication is required every 90 days or when you change the system you use to connect (new computer, tablet or mobile).


For any questions, you can directly contact your Account Manager, Customer Success Manager or our team on