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The orientation tab

The new Orientation tab allows you to see which occupations your candidate is most suited for based on their questionnaire results.

Career Opportunities

The "Career Prospects" tab allows you to see which jobs your candidate is most suited to based on their results in the AssessFirst questionnaires and their career level entered in their personal account settings.

Find the 10 jobs with which your candidate's profile is most closely matched.


The sectors that most closely resemble your candidate

Find out which industries most closely match your candidate's profile.
The greener the sector, the better the match!

This information is calculated according to the results of your candidate's questionnaires in relation to all respondents to AssessFirst questionnaires.
For example, if the match with the "Performing Arts" sector is 5/5, this means that he/she has responded like the majority of people who filled in this sector when they created their account.