Career Paths

The Career Paths tab provides valuable insights into the occupations that are best suited for your candidate based on their assessment results. It helps you identify potential career opportunities and align candidates with suitable roles. Here's how you can leverage this feature.

Career prospects

The "Career prospects" section allows you to see which jobs your candidate is most suited to based on their results in the AssessFirst assessments and their career level entered in their personal information.

The section displays the top 10 jobs that closely match your candidate's profile. These are the roles where their skills, traits, and qualifications align most effectively.

Sectors that best match the candidate

You can gain insights into the industries that closely match your candidate's profile. The sector's "greenness" indicates the level of compatibility. A greener sector indicates a stronger match between the candidate's profile and the industry.

These matches are calculated based on the candidate's assessment results compared to all respondents who have completed AssessFirst assessments. For instance, if the match with the "Performing Arts" sector is rated 5/5, it indicates that the candidate's responses closely align with the majority of individuals who have selected this sector when creating their accounts.