What can I do by connecting to the AssessFirst API?

AssessFirst has an API that allows you to perform a number of actions, including retrieving data on the users who have taken the tests.

You can find the link to all the actions in our technical documentation here.

What are the main actions possible?

  • Sending invitations to take the tests
  • Adding a user to a group or an AssessFirst campaign
  • Generate an iframe for users to take the tests
  • Generate iframe to allow the creation of predictive models
  • Create, modify and delete candidate groups
  • Create, modify and delete recruitment campaigns
  • Subscribe to webhooks

What data can be retrieved?

  • Links to reports, summaries, and full reports from test takers
  • Status of test completion
  • User radar scores
  • Summary texts of a user's reports
  • Match rate of a user with one or more predictive models
  • List of predictive models

What is not possible to do 

  • Talent management functionality (Mobility, Talent mapper, Competency framework)
  • Personalization of emails sent to candidates
  • The details of all the texts and data present on the AssessFirst platform.