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What is a remote score

30% of the UK workforce is working remotely at least once a week in 2022.


This practice is still continuing to develop, and has been accelerated by the pandemic.

However, the effectiveness of working from a distance, as well as the feeling of fulfillment by it, vary greatly from one person to another. For an employee to feel good working from home, they must have a specific set of characteristics and personality, as well as specific motivations.


The Remote Score gives you insight into how any person will operate in a remote environment. With this information, you will be able to direct your recruitment strategy more effectively for remote positions, give key information to your managers for them to better guide their teams, all while supporting your employees and improving their remote experience.



Where can I find the Remote Score?

The Remote Score is available on all profiles, regardless of your subscription type or status.

It is shown by a small flag next to the A-player flag, in the top left of the platform.



What information does the Remote Score give?

When you hover over the blue icon for Remote Score, look in the header. You will see the type of situation that best suits this particular person. There are 5 different levels recommended:

  1. Entirely in the office
  2. Primarily office
  3. Hybrid
  4. Primarily remote
  5. Completely remote

This recommendation is based on the results of our 3 assessments of personality, motivations and reasoning skills.




By clicking on the blue icon, you will access more information on the individual’s potential for remote success, according to 2 key indicators: 

  • The potential to manage relationships from a distance, which tells you about their natural ability to thrive (or not) without physically seeing colleagues.
  • Their potential for self-discipline, which tells you about their natural ability to perform without the structure provided by an office setting.


Finally, you will receive 3 recommendations advising how to improve the remote experience for your employees.