How to activate the integration with CornerStone?

1/ In CornerStone, go to the navigation at the top right -> Admin -> Tools -> EDGE -> Marketplace and click on the AssessFirst Card.

On the AssessFirst card, click on the install button. You will be redirected to the Integration Center page.

Select the AssessFirst line.


2/ On the page that opens, you will need to copy the "callback access key."


Once the key is copied, you can go to the AssessFirst marketplace with an administrator account.

  1. Click on the icon at the top right to access your settings and select Integrations.

  2. Click on CornerStone.

  3. Click on Activate.


Paste the key into the pop-up that appears in the "API token" field and validate.


3/ A username and password will be generated in return. You will be able to copy these two fields, return to your page in CornerStone, and paste them.


For your configuration fields:

  • Redirect via a redirect URL must be unchecked.

All the fields below must be checked:

  • Assessment ID

  • Job requisition ID

  • Applicant's first name

  • Applicant's last name

  • Recruiter's email

  • Applicant's email

You can then click on "Save settings" at the bottom of the page.


Your integration is now activated 🎉


4/ Now you have to create a custom status for AssessFirst

You can click on the menu top right -> Admin -> Tools -> RECRUIT -> Applicant statuses

And click on the first division (The top level)

Now you have to create a custome status


Click on the buton "Create custom status" on the top left.

A pop-up window will appear :

Language : English

Display Name : AssesssFirst

Description : AssessFirst

Type : Custom integration

Integration : Custom Assessment

The configuration is now complete.


To learn how to use the integration with CornerStone, click here.