How to use the integration with CornerStone?


Add the AssessFirst status to your job

Send an invitation

View candidate's results


Add the AssessFirst status to your job


you can go back on the RECRUIT section top right -> Admin -> Tools -> RECRUIT -> Requisition templates

Click on manage requisition template for the position you want.

If the template already exists, you can edit it, otherwise you can create a new one.


At the botom of the page, you can edit the "Status list" section

You can click on the + to add "AssessFirst"


Once this has been done, AssessFirst will appear in the "Status list" section.


You can drag the AssessFirst line to the desired position and add your predictive model to the list box.


Send an invitation


You can go in Recruit -> Manage candidates


Now you can select the candidates you want and move their status to AssessFirst


To send an invitation, you can click on :

1. More

2. Assign integration

A pop-up window appears


You can choose :

1. Provider -> Custom Assessment

2. Package -> You can select a predictive model

When you will click on "submbit", the invitation will be sent to AssessFirst.


View candidate's results


On the candidate profile, you can go in the Application tab.

You will obtain the results of the 3 questionnaires with the adequacy score. The overall adequacy score and the link to AssessFirst "View detail" which will redirect you to the results in PDF (1).

To learn how to activate the integration with CornerStone, click here.