How to activate the integration with TalentSoft?

Activate your integration in 3 steps


1. Retrieve your Client ID and Secret Key by either sending your request to your TalentSoft Account Manager or directly from your TalentSoft account in Recruitment -> Administration -> Repository -> Partner -> Marketplace -> AssessFirst.

2. Set up the integration on your TalentSoft back office

Once the initial settings in TalentSoft are done, you need to add a Dynamic Action for Applications from the Administration > Back Office > Actions page:

- Select the type "Marketplace - Evaluation".
- Then select the partner's name.
- Match the test events with your application events: this will allow your application to evolve based on the progress of the tests.
- To grant your users access to the "Screening" tab containing the results, you must give them the "Evaluation" right from the "Candidate Management" section through the Administration > Back Office > Users > Rights and Profiles page
- Also, to grant them access to data content such as reports or scores, they will need the "Access to application content" right in the Candidate Management block.

3. Activate the integration on AssessFirst. If you are an Administrator and have an API license, you can now activate TalentSoft directly from the AssessFirst platform by following these steps:

1. Click on the icon at the top right to access your settings and select Integrations.
2. Click on TalentSoft.
3. Enter your Client ID and Secret that you retrieved in the first step.



To find out how to use the integration with TalentSoft, click here.