How to use the integration with TalentSoft?

Send invitations to candidates
Setting up a predictive model
Retrieve a candidate's results
Discover the demo

Send invitations to candidates

Once the integration is activated, you will be able to send invitations to the candidates in an offer in the following way:

1. Go to the "Jobs" tab

2. Click on your offer

3. Select the candidate(s) to whom to send the questionnaires

4. Click on "Actions" and then on "AssessFirst - Assessment".

If you do not have access to the AssessFirst invitation action, make sure that you have correctly followed the configuration steps in this link. If not, contact TalentSoft support at this email address



Setting up a predictive model

To add a predictive template to your invitation:

1. After clicking on "Actions" and then on "AssessFirst - Evaluation

2. Choose your predictive model and validate




Retrieving a candidate's results

Only recruiters with an AssessFirst license have access to candidate reports. Once your candidate has completed the questionnaires:

1. Go to the candidate's profile

2. Click on the "Screening" button

3. Find out the match scores 

4. Access the evaluation reports




Discover The demo





To find out how to activate the integration with TalentSoft, click here.