How to activate the integration with SAP SuccessFactors ?

If you are an Administrator and have an API licence, you can activate your SAP SuccessFactors integration by following this procedure :
Go on your company settings from your provisionning tenant, and activate the feature "Enable assessment integration"

Creation of an integration user connecting with your API:
  • Create a user that will have "assessfirst-user" as their login (the password isn't important). If you already have an integration user, you can just use this one. The page where this is possible is "Import Employee Data".
  • Create an AssessFirst permission group on the "Manage Permission Groups" page and add the previously created user
  • Add permissions to this group on the page "Manage permission roles". The list of permissions to give are these ones:
    • Recruiting Permissions
      • SFAPI Retrieve Job Requisition Permission
      • SFAPI Insert Job Requisition Permission
      • SFAPI Update Job Requisition Permission
      • SFAPI Upsert Job Requisition Permission
      • SFAPI Retrieve Job Application Permission
      • SFAPI Retrieve Job Applicant Permission
      • SFAPI Update Candidate Permission
      • SFAPI Insert Job Application Permission
      • SFAPI Update Job Application Permission
      • SFAPI Retrieve Assessment Order Permission
      • SFAPI Update Assessment Report Permission
      • OData API Application Export
      • OData API Candidate Export
      • OData API Job Requisition Export
      • OData API Candidate Create
      • OData API Candidate Update
      • OData API Job Requisition Create
      • OData API Job Requisition Update
      • OData API Application Create
      • OData API Application Update
      • OData API Create/Update Interview Central
      • OData API Export External Recruiter
      • REST API Fetch Recruiter Information
      • REST API Permission to Fetch Information about Recruiting Users
    • General User Permission
      • SFAPI User Login
    • Employee Central API
      • Employee Central Foundation SOAP API
      • Employee Central HRIS SOAP API
      • Employee Central Foundation OData API (read-only)
      • Employee Central HRIS OData API (read-only)
      • Employee Central Foundation OData API (editable)
      • Employee Central HRIS OData API (editable)
    • Manage Centre of Capabilities
      • Capability Library Structure
      • Competencies
      • Portfolio Settings and Proficiency Rating Scale
      • Allow API Integration with Other Systems

Creation of the AssessFirst competency library:
  • Go to the "Manager center of capabilities" page and add a library named "AssessFirst library" with the external code "assessfirst-library".
  • Enter this library and add a category named "AssessFirst category" with the external code "assessfirst-category".
Add AssessFirst in the assessment vendor list:
  • Go to the "Manage assessment vendors" page
  • Export the existing list of assessment vendors
  • Add the assessment vendor "AssessFirst"  in the downloaded file with the following values:
  • externalPartnerCode : ASSESSFIRST
  • clientId : ASSESSFIRST
  • Go back to the "Manage assessment vendors" page, and import the modified file
Create the Oauth client:
  • Go on the page "Manage OAuth2 Client Applications" and create a new client with the button "Register Client Application" and complete the form with the following data:
    • Application name: AssessFirst
    • Application URL:
    • Click on  "Bind to users"
    • User IDs: the assessfirst user you created
  • Click on "Generate X.509 Certificate" and create a certificate with
  • Download the certificate and copy the "API key"
In the AssessFirst integration page:
  • Click on the icon at the top right to access your settings and select Integrations
  • Click on SAP SuccessFactors
  • Click on Activate
  • Enter the user name
  • Enter the API key copied from the Oauth client generation
  • Paste the full certificate you downloaded (you can download it with Notepad)
  • Enter the URL and tenant ID -> You can ask your SuccessFactors administrator to provide them to you
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Setting up technical notifications:
  • Go to the "Event Notification Subscription" page and add a subscriber with the following information:
    • Category : Customized
    • Subscriber id : ASSESSFIRST
    • Name : ASSESSFIRST
    • Group : leave empty
    • Client id : ASSESSFIRST

  • On the external event tab, add an event with the following information:
    • Event type : rcm_assessment_alert_v2
    • Subscriber : ASSESSFIRST
    • Protocol: SOAP_OVER_HTTP_HTTPS
    • Endpoint URL:
    • Authentication: BASIC
    • User: the login provided by the AssessFirst activation popup (it should be your tenant)
    • Password: the password provided by the AssessFirst activation popup
    • Leave the rest empty

To learn how to use the integration with SAP SuccessFactors, click here