What are Suggested profiles?

61% of HR professionals face a significant challenge every day: a lack of time and resources. If you find yourself in this category, we have a solution for you.

When you have a vast database of candidates, it can be time-consuming to manually sift through profiles to find the best matches.

To address this issue, we've developed the Suggested profiles feature. This functionality is seamlessly integrated with your recruitment campaigns, open positions, or predictive models. It enables you to quickly access a curated list of the top 40 profiles that closely align with your search criteria. It helps you discover hidden talents that you might not have considered before!

How do I use it?

Once you've created your campaign and selected your predictive model, follow these steps:

  1. Open the campaign you're interested in.
  2. Look for the star icon button.

Clicking on the star icon will take you to a list of candidates with a high fit to your search.

From the list of suggested profiles, you can easily add candidates to your campaign. Simply select the candidates you want to include by clicking on them, and then click "Add to campaign".