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Why can’t I access my candidate's results?

When you invite someone to complete the questionnaires, they must agree to share their results with you and, before completing the questionnaires, they’ll be prompted to do so.

There are four possible scenarios that you may encounter when sharing a candidate's profile:

  1. The candidate has agreed to share their results with you and completes all 3 questionnaires. You’ll receive an automatic email notification at the end of each questionnaire. The candidate will then move from the list of Pending contacts to your Contact list. You can then analyze their results.
  2. The candidate indicates that they have completed the questionnaires but you don’t have access to their profile. Check the status of the invitation by entering their name or email address in the search bar. If they are still in the Pending contacts list, send them a reminder to accept your invitation.
  3. You checked the Pending contacts and your candidate isn’t listed. In this case, it’s likely because they have refused your invitation. Send them a new invitation to share their results via the + button in the top-right or from the Contacts section.
  4. If your candidate still can’t accept your invitation, ask them which email address they used to complete the questionnaires. Your candidate may have multiple AssessFirst accounts. If the email address used is different from the one you have, then send them an invitation to the correct address.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our technical support at support@assessfirst.com if you have any questions on this subject.