How to use the integration with Icims?

Setting up a predictive model

Select the Job for which you want to set up a predictive model and then:

  1. Go to the "Overview" tab

  2. Open the "Detail" menu

  3. In the "Screening" dropdown list, choose your predictive model.

By default, only custom predictive models are available as iCIMS cannot support all benchmark models.

However, if a client needs a benchmark model, it is perfectly possible to go directly into the AssessFirst application and duplicate the benchmark model that you want to turn into a custom model.

Send invitations to candidates

To do this, it's very simple, just go to your Job:

  1. Open the "Candidates" tab

  2. Select your candidates

  3. Click on "Advance"

  4. Then validate your invitation using the "Send to AssessFirst" button.

Retrieving a candidate's results

Once your candidate has completed the questionnaires:

  1. Go to the candidate's profile
  2. Open the "Additional Info" tab
  3. Choose the "Screen" menu
  4. Discover the evaluation reports as well as the suitability scores.


To learn how to activate the integration with Icims, click here.