How to activate the integration with Lever ?

In AssessFirst, if you are an Administrator and have an API licence, you can now generate your API token simply by following this procedure :


  1. Click on the icon at the top right to access your settings and select Integrations
  2. Click on Lever
  3. Click on Activate
  4. Accept the synchronization between Lever and AssessFirst
  5. Finally, complete the two fields
    1. Email address -> this is the email of our API user which will have the super admin rights to do create an opportunity, add tags and notes to them, the email address shouldn't exist (ex : ). Please create this user as a super admin (you can follow this tutorial)

    2. Assessment ID -> This is the ID of the hiring stage where you want your candidates toreceive the invitations. You can either create a dedicated AssessFirst stage or use an existing one. To retrieve the ID, go to "Settings" > "Pipeline and archive reasons" > "Reveal Stage ID" of the relevant stage

6.   In your Lever platform, activate the "Candidate Stage Change" webhook. To do that go to "Settings" > "Integrations and API" > Webhooks" and activate this webhook

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To learn how to use the integration with Lever, click here.